VP, Programming & Data Solutions

Company Name:
Actus Sales Intelligence
Our client is a Top 50 market research company delivering innovative, custom, research-based business solutions. Continued growth and a greater need for speed, reliability, and quality has led us to the decision to bring survey programming in-house rather than continue with third-party providers. As a result, we are now recruiting to fill the leadership
for this new initiative.
The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience as a survey programmer using one or more industry software applications. More importantly, this position requires an individual who has successfully managed a survey programming operation in a market research firm and has the knowledge and desire to build capabilities internally. The longer term vision is to integrate additional data management processes within this new department under this new leadership.
This position will report directly to the CEO and be located at the company's headquarters in Stamford, CT.
Develop a vision of this new organization, identifying the long-term success factors as well as anticipating development challenges.
In conjunction with the senior leadership team, develop a strategy to transition survey programming activities from our third-party providers.
Develop and implement processes to ensure efficiency and quality and effectively communicate and manage within.
Educate the senior leadership team on the pros and cons of the various alternatives for survey programming software platforms and facilitate the decision as to which platform is appropriate.
Develop and implement a staged staffing plan considering work flow and commitments. Develop an assessment process for candidates and potential employees.
Provide organization-wide leadership on best practices for survey programming and other data management processes.
Mentor and manage staff to ensure individual development, tenure and

Strategic, technically savvy, and accountable leader with the interest and capabilities to create a new function within a successful and growing market research firm.
Ten years of market research industry experience including the management of a survey programming staff.
Knowledge of industry data management and programming tools, data tabulation, data cleaning/prep and analysis reports
with the demonstrated capability to recognize talent and provide staff direction
Broad knowledge of industry data collection software as well as meaningful experience with one or more of the leading survey programming platforms
Strong math and programming logic capabilities; ability to train staff for enhanced performance.
Strong commitment to quality work and client satisfaction
Attention to detail
Process oriented, but flexible to meet sometimes rapidly changing priorities

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